She Does The Town: A pioneering Site’s decade of disruption

As the female-focused website She Does The City turns 10, Caitlin Agnew sits down with creator Jen McNeelyAfter the site She Does the City went live in 2007, it was unlike anything you could discover online. Composing with a young female audience in mind, founder Jen McNeely was a trailblazer of authentic storytelling and community building. "In Canada, there was not really an internet space for girls or even a media offering for girls that was edgy and had verve and voice and was youthful and Read more [...]

Over-the-top gift ideas for the design and travel lover on your list

Trading up Whether employed after dinner because of its traditional purpose or as a catch-all for baubles and coins, this ceramic ashtray boasts understated luxury in spades. With 24-karat gold accents, its mosaic end is pure Greco-Romannbsp;elegance. Three's company Versatility is the name of the game when you are packing light, and Gucci's new three-pack was created with transformation in your mind. Featuring three shoulder bags in canvas and grained leather, it may Read more [...]

Why wine in the Canary Islands is guaranteed to impress your Vacation  crowd

Tropical island wine" seems more like a punchline than a proposal from a respected sommelier. But the winemakers in the Canary Islands (a.k.a. "Spain's Hawaii") are succeeding in changing that, having discovered a winning formula, regardless of the area's many built-innbsp;hardships.Together with its distant location -- the Canaries are an archipelago off northern Africa, from where it is maddeningly tough to boat -- much of the area's hilly terrain is a patchwork of desert and jutting rock and Read more [...]

What is the secret to opening a jar with these waiter corkscrews?

The questionRecently I had two unique waiters who fought with, then bankrupt, wine corks. What is the secret to opening a jar with these waiter corkscrews?The answer The timeless sommelier's corkscrew, sometimes known as a "waiter's friend," works well when used correctly and has the benefit of easy portability. I keep one in my bike back bag, my check-in bag, the glove compartment of my car and in my Jack Spade man purse (hey, you never know if wine will Read more [...]

This Hindu ‘festival of Colors’ will have you tickled pink

Tfollowing is a skirmish at the middle of Bankey Bihari, a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Krishna in this sacred town. Incongruous, given the religious nature of the area. However, it's Holi festival, the area is heaving with countless paint-hurling devotees, and my big presence (physical not divine) has obviously irked somenbsp;individuals.An agitated worshipper attempts to tear my camera out of my hands; I am surrounded by yelling men and pushed toward the door. A grinning Samaritan intervenes Read more [...]

Near Niagara Falls, a ‘secret’ bouldering spot grows in popularity

Not far from one of Ontario's most famous sights -- Niagara Falls, bringing 14 million visitors annually -- is among the state's best-kept secrets: a hidden playground of large rock formations spread throughout the wooded paths of the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve, just above the quick, cool water of the Niagara River.The Glen is called a relaxing hideaway in the touristy crowds. What a lot of people don't understand: It is also the greatest outdoor bouldering place Southern Ontario has to offer.When Read more [...]

How online concierge services take the stress out of holiday shopping

Already overwhelmed by your vacation to-do list? There is an app for it. Caitlin Agnew logs on virtual concierge servicesAs we increasingly find ourselves feeling poor, with not enough hours in the day to get everything done, virtual concierges are popping up to help with everything from gift shopping to finding a new outfit for a holiday celebration. These stylist-driven providers will even choose outfits to wear on a regular basis, eliminating trips to the mall or hours clicking through e-commerce Read more [...]

Ten Expensive wines for someone special you)

There's an unwritten rule in retail which you don't play Christmas music in stores before Remembrance Day. It is an admirable policy, regrettably violated by a few chains in recent years. Cheesy shopping-foreplay tunes are an insult as we prepare to mark a really solemn date (particularly, if you ask me, if this music appears to be Beneath the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber).By that sound logic, I will resist calling the pricier offerings under "present worthy" even though I am not here to push product Read more [...]