Keira Knightley on being the face of Chanel

Keira Knightley has been one of Chanel’s biggest boosters for about a decade now. In numerous campaigns, red carpet turns along with a string of film roles — Knightley wore the tag’s clothing and jewelry in Atonement, Le Misanthope and Anna Karenina — the 32-year-old celebrity has embodied its relentless drive to reinvent itself.

Her most recent role for the brand is as the face of its new Gallery Collection of fine jewelry, which debuted on Sept. 29 in an effort shot by the legendary French photographer Sarah Moon. Made up of 12 bits that take inspiration from the hardware of the new 2.55 tote and Paris’ Place Vendôme, the lineup places a bohemian twist on luxe pieces set with diamonds, tourmaline, malachite and quartz.

At Chanel’s hotel show in May, Knightley perched in her front row chair wearing a black slip and tweed blazer, next to her husband, British musician James Righton. After the demonstration, she moved backstage to talk about her creative link to the new, the key behind designer Karl Lagerfeld’s longevity and {}, as a mother to a two-year-old, a new bauble may be the most forgiving means to wear something elaborate.

Tell me a little about how you wear Chanel and the way that’s evolved on your connection with the brand?

I wear what I like, I guess. I believe that you can be very playful with it. I am in a very privileged place where I get to see the catwalk and then I get to take things apart. I believe fashion generally is always about trying to make it your own. I mean, I feel very serious in what I am wearing now, but I feel like that is because the majority of the time I am coated in baby sick. So, really, I really enjoy being quite serious and put together. Other times I like being a little more grungy. However, when you’re usually covered in baby sick, it is wonderful to feel a little sharp.

Have you wondered how you are going to wear the brand new jewellery with baby sick?

The jewelry is fine with baby sick since it wipes straight off. It is absolutely fine. Why I really enjoy the jewellery is that I could still be in the mum-in-the-baby-sick stage and have a really wonderful ring and I can only look at it and go, ‘it is all fine, it’s fine. I can wash off the sick.”

Can you approach the process of shooting a campaign like this newest series as a celebrity?

The one for this collection was [photographed] with all the incredible Sarah Moon, who’s just such a legend and I have been such a lover of her pictures for so long. Being on set with her was incredible. She’s a very special vibe that you grab. For a celebrity on a photo shoot…you know, they are not the most ordinary places. However, what you do is you attempt to catch the personality from the photographer. They always place it and she certainly did. It was really quite scenic, kind of dreamy, but really quite exact. She is very interesting because she’s an amazingly relaxed type of vibe to her and she knows exactly what she wants.

Can you believe about Coco Chanel as a person when you are embodying that individual in the effort?

Sometimes. I mean, if they have said that is what we’re going for, then definitely. Coco Chanel signifies the ultimate survivor and the greatest person, which as far as an artistic life goes is a really intriguing, endlessly remarkable thing.

What do you consider a new with the background of Chanel constantly reinventing itself for a younger generation? How do you see yourself fitting into this?

I am not sure I really do. I don’t have any social media so that I officially do not fit into any of it. I believe it’s all about identity. You buy into a specific shape or a specific fiction in mind of what something represents but finally you twist it to make it your own. And I believe that is what fashion is all about with everything, but especially with Chanel since Karl is constantly striving forward in this extraordinary way. He has been here for so long, doing such amazing work together with the impacts that he always has previously and yet managing to recreate it and twist it. I believe that is endlessly fascinating and I am sure will be interesting for younger people as they come up.

This interview was edited and plotted.

Andrew Sardone went to Paris as a guest of Chanel. The company didn’t review or approve this article before publication.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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