Professional tips to get the most from every winery visit

There is an episode of Netflix's Friends from College at which the group of 40-year-olds heap to a party bus to partake from the wineries of Long Island. By midway through, everybody is inebriated and miserable, muscling down glasses of wines that they despise. It was hilariously absurd and utterly terrible.The characters' intent was clearly intoxication over appreciation. However, watching from the Niagara peninsula, smack dab in the middle of vineyards, I could not get past the frustration Read more [...]

The history behind the fruit Provider to Niagara’s Finest  vineyards

Grape grower Warren Saunders wastes no time greeting me as I pull into the steep driveway that leads up and around to the back of his farmhouse. Before I could knock, he has heard car wheels on dirt and pre-emptively emerges with a warm smile into the Niagara sunshine in rubber boots, jeans and a crisp blue beret, followed by his daughter,nbsp;Ann-Marie.I have come to inquire about the current harvest as well as the challenges of farming through the mildew-plagued summer of 2017, which saw Read more [...]

Help me settle a dispute. What’s the right pronunciation of ‘Gigondas?’

The questionHelp me settle a dispute. What's the right pronunciation of "Gigondas?"The answer Drum roll, please. ... You do pronounce the "s" in the end. I assume that is specifically what you're wondering about. (The first "Gi" part, for that I can not find an accurate phonetic equivalent, is in any case articulated similar to in the titles Gigi or Gilles.)You can find the appropriate pronunciation demonstrated . Gigondas is -- for those who need tutoring in one Read more [...]

‘Parcel’ wines Seem to the Blossom to find diversity of flavour

When it comes to mapping terroir nowadays, no area is too small. We are moving past sub-appellations and micro-climates to the new frontier of "parcel" or "block" wines, which narrow the source of the liquid down to one, small patch in a vineyard.Some of what is driving this small vine fashion is the firm belief that soil profiles lead to considerably different flavour profiles, although this is controversial because some wine experts point to genetic mutations and/or sunlight as more likely Read more [...]

Fledgling micro-distilleries crafting a spirited scene in Alberta

Until a couple of years ago, Alberta's liquor rules made it extremely difficult for small craft distillers to create spirits which would make their way to localnbsp;bars.You could sit at a pub in downtown Saskatoon and sip a gin martini made with locally created Lucky Bastard Distillers' Gambit Gin. In Vancouver, you can perch on a stool along the glistening white bar at the Lobby Lounge of the Fairmont Pacific Rim at Vancouver and drink a cocktail with Victoria Gin clean off the bottling Read more [...]

I see you are hosting another Globe cruise. Where will the boat be quitting?

THE QUESTIONI see you are hosting another Globe cruise. Where will the boat be quitting?THE ANSWER By "another" I take it that you remember two prior cruises hosted by The Globe several years back. Those trips sailed through the Caribbean and Mediterranean, respectively, and involved a huge ship (and a sea of Prosecco, as I remember). The one we are currently planning -- for next August -- will be more intimate, with only 151 guests (namely, smart Globe and Mail readers Read more [...]

How to Pick out a bottle of wine that Matches an Assortment of Thanksgiving dishes — Such as turkey

The turkey, as a Thanksgiving-table icon, is in trouble. We're roasting less of the entire bird than we used to. Based on Turkey Farmers of Canada, which relies on data compiled by Ipsos-Reid, consumers bought 44.8 million kilograms in the kind of whole birds this past year, down from 55.9 million kilograms in 1981.That is a drop of nearly 20 per cent. Considering that our population expanded by 41 percent during the same period, from 24.8 million to over 35 million, it has been a major blow Read more [...]

I enjoyed a viognier lately, then saw the identical winery sells another viognier for double the price. Can it be twice as good?

The questionI enjoyed a viognier lately and then noticed the identical winery sells a viognier for double the price. Is it likely to be twice as good?The answer No. There is even a chance you'll enjoy it less than the cheaper one. (Believe me, I have been to the rodeo many, many times before.)Wine prices aren't just based on a scientifically measurable hedonism scale. The situation isn't analogous to, say, purchasing a Samsung 4K tv versus a less-expensive Samsung Read more [...]

The Wine Dine Dictionary teaches the ABCs of wine and food

Chinese food can be tasty with barrel-fermented chardonnay. Red wine often stinks with cheese. Cabernet franc poured over strawberries is delicious. Rosé goes with almost any dish. You'll find culinary insights like those and much, much more (392 pages in all) in The Wine Dine Dictionary, a well-researched and engagingly written new book by Victoria Moore. The British writer is wine correspondent for The Telegraph as well as a columnist for BBC Good Food and has won multiple awards for her Read more [...]

As a migraine sufferer, each wine I have tried has given me a headache except for carbonated wine. Any idea why?

The questionI really like sweet wine, but being a migraine sufferer, every wine I've tried has given me a headache. Lately I found blueberry wine. No hassle, and I am thrilled. Do you understand why no hassle?The answer My guess, and it is only a guess, has to do with amines, specifically the comparatively lower levels in blueberry wine. I can not diagnose your particular issue since there might be various causes for your headaches. I am also not a physician. However, Read more [...]