How to Live a family Holiday with the grandparents

"Mother, can I have a cookie?" -- my child."No more sugar." -- me."Come and have a cookie." -- grandparent. Ahhh, grandparents. Am I right?The most frustrating thing is not that they may overrule you on the cookie lending; it is that you heard your cookie-withholding parenting ability in the way they raised you! But times have changed, my friend. Those men and women who scolded you for running in the house, and took away your freedom when you're sassy, Read more [...]

How you can enjoy your layover at LAX

With nine terminals, 75 airlines, more than 66 million annual passengers and an economic output of about $40-billion (U.S.), the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) can feel like a city unto itself. And that's now truer than ever, with Los Angeles welcoming a record number of visitors last year. The city is home to a white-hot arts scene that's rivalling New York and (believe it or not) receiving accolades for starting to break free from it's car-centric culture (The New York Times Read more [...]

Now sailing to nowhere: a superyacht for aquaphobes?

As I sit sipping an All on Board Bramble, a yacht pulls from the marina, giving the impression we are moving -- but we are not. I am sitting with my companion, Toby, drinking cocktails (mine is Plymouth Sloe Gin and berries) on the sixth and top floor of this amazing new Southampton Harbour Hotel, a property that's revolutionizing the worldwide port city and its localnbsp;area. The Southampton Harbour was designed like a superyacht -- all the six floors includes a promenade "deck" and each Read more [...]

Long haul: How can a 17-hour flight be more bearable?

When Qantas Airways Ltd. launches its newest route from Perth to London this spring, it will be the first direct air link Australia has ever had with Europe. At just under 15,000 kilometres, it's one of the longest routes in the world – a 17-hour journey. The daily flights will be operated by Qantas' new Boeing 787- Dreamliner. But most notably, some passengers and possibly crew will be part of a new clinical trial in the air. In March, a research team will fit a group of volunteer Read more [...]

Globe holiday gift guide: Suitable travel accessories

1. Pearly right File this one under pure indulgence. These travel-size Italian toothpastes include a little bit of decadence to any dopp kit, whether you are camping in a two-person tent or remaining in a five-star package. Hey, if you can not spoil yourself on holiday, then when cannbsp;you?Marvis gift set, $35 at . 2. First classy Sexy and smart, this tweed and leather carry-on will turn heads at check. Toronto-based Ebby Rane shows once more that it knows what a modern traveller Read more [...]

Exploring Jerusalem’s transformation into a late-night hub

Considering that the diminutiveness of the intersection of Beit Ya'akov and Ha-Shikma Streets, two of dozens of narrow roads that zigzag irregularly through Jerusalem's Nachlaot neighbourhood, adjacent to the town's 100-year-old shuk, it takes much longer than I expect to find Daniel Nahmias. On one side of the street a dozen or so people line an elevated sidewalk out Machneyuda -- a cacophonous kitchen celebration of a restaurant named for its slangy pronunciation of the outdoor food market, Read more [...]

Swiss Alps hotels now thinking beyond the ski hill

My first evening at the Burgenstock Resort in the Swiss Alps was spent eating, among other things, mouhamara, the Syrian red pepper, pomegranate and walnut tartinadsche that is to hummus what foie gras is to cat food. The next day, I ate breakfast at a French restaurant run by a three-starred chef, had a Swiss lunch in a modern chalet and learned all I ever wanted to know but was afraid to ask about three-stage cryogenic slimming in an on-site hospital-hotel. It was only after a day at the Read more [...]

Over-the-top gift ideas for the design and travel lover on your list

Trading up Whether employed after dinner because of its traditional purpose or as a catch-all for baubles and coins, this ceramic ashtray boasts understated luxury in spades. With 24-karat gold accents, its mosaic end is pure Greco-Romannbsp;elegance. Three's company Versatility is the name of the game when you are packing light, and Gucci's new three-pack was created with transformation in your mind. Featuring three shoulder bags in canvas and grained leather, it may Read more [...]

This Hindu ‘festival of Colors’ will have you tickled pink

Tfollowing is a skirmish at the middle of Bankey Bihari, a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Krishna in this sacred town. Incongruous, given the religious nature of the area. However, it's Holi festival, the area is heaving with countless paint-hurling devotees, and my big presence (physical not divine) has obviously irked somenbsp;individuals.An agitated worshipper attempts to tear my camera out of my hands; I am surrounded by yelling men and pushed toward the door. A grinning Samaritan intervenes Read more [...]

Near Niagara Falls, a ‘secret’ bouldering spot grows in popularity

Not far from one of Ontario's most famous sights -- Niagara Falls, bringing 14 million visitors annually -- is among the state's best-kept secrets: a hidden playground of large rock formations spread throughout the wooded paths of the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve, just above the quick, cool water of the Niagara River.The Glen is called a relaxing hideaway in the touristy crowds. What a lot of people don't understand: It is also the greatest outdoor bouldering place Southern Ontario has to offer.When Read more [...]