Travellers find tranquility in the company of dead poets

My romance with cemeteries started with the tomb of 19th-century American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He lay entombed on Mt. Auburn Cemetery's Indian Ridge Course amid broken, green-hued sun, creeping periwinkles, and a red-tailed hawk perched in the tree overhead. My very first crush in a life of romances with poets, seeing Longfellow's final resting place filled my mind with rhyming verses and New Englandnbsp;tales."I looked quietly down to it with no one sense of dread," Longfellow declared Read more [...]

Moncler Proprietor Remo Ruffini on expanding in Canada??

When Remo Ruffini purchased Moncler in 2003, the winter-wear company was almost bankrupt. Since that time, the Italian entrepreneur has revitalized the brand: He introduced the world to statement ski coats (the kind that cost as much as a mortgage payment but seem equally eloquent on the slopes as in a town), outfitted just about every star out there (from Kanye into Lee Radziwill) and, in 2013, took the company public in one of Italy's most prosperous IPOs (officially making him a billionaire). Read more [...]

Luminato, EDIT and Canadian Art Foundation events celebrate future of design

Luminato's Big Bang Bash, Toronto Luminato Festival, the annual 10-day arts celebration in Toronto, typically holds its big fundraiser on the eve of the festival's summertime launch. This year though, it was fundraising in the fall with the focus not on what's to come in the following days, but rather a preview of what we're going to see in a few months time. On offer on Oct. 11, between courses for the crowd who helps make it all happen, were bites of Luminato Read more [...]

Expect rising costs for European wines due to droughts and cold spells

Your favourite European wine may soon get a tad pricier, or at least harder to find. Blame it on the weather. A freakish combination of frost, hail and severe drought across the continent this year conspired to produce what some are calling one of the smallest harvests since the Second World War. The European Commission has forecast an across-the-board drop in wine-must production of 14.4 per cent among member countries, down to 14.5 billion litres from 16.9 billion in 2016. "That's an enormous Read more [...]

Can Beaujolais improve with age?

The questionCan Beaujolais improve with age?The answer Not too as Halle Berry or Sean Connery. However, it can -- or at least some of it could.As you may be aware, Beaujolais is a wine region of east-central France, sandwiched between Burgundy into the north and the Rhône Valley to the south. Administratively, it is a part of Burgundy, but that's merely bureaucracy; the wines and techniques are sufficiently different for the location to be considered its own bona-fide Read more [...]

Ski industry slaloms through change

Adriaan Demmers spends most winter weekends as an instructor at Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort, a bunny hill near his home in Guelph, Ont. But the real estate agent and his wife also logged 57 days last winter on slopes from Maine to Utah, using a MAX Pass, which for $679 (U.S.) buys up to five days each at 44 mountains across North America. The industry average for a day pass is $113, meaning the Demmers would have broken even after six days on the slopes. "It's not just about Read more [...]

Culinary tours Provide a glimpse of the world through a chef’s eyes and taste buds

Each year, the paradise which is the Cayman Islands plays host to one of the Caribbean's most popular events: The Cayman Cookout, a four-day food festival which will mark its 10th season in January. The event's host hotel is the sprawling beachside Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, and the food offerings are indulgent -- from upscale scrapbooking options such as foie gras poutine and maple syrup cotton candy to whole roasted beans that leave guests to divvy up the coveted cheeks and ears. But the Read more [...]

What Gucci’s fur ban means for Canada’s Business

As the designer tag joins the Fur-Free Alliance, Caitlin Agnew looks at how it will affect the perception and use of this controversial materialOn October 11, Italian fashion house Gucci made international headlines when it announced that it would no longer use animal fur in any of its goods, starting with the Spring 2018 collection. Gucci follows in the footsteps of labels such as Armani, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, all which have taken a stand against using fur in their collections, in addition Read more [...]

Professional tips to get the most from every winery visit

There is an episode of Netflix's Friends from College at which the group of 40-year-olds heap to a party bus to partake from the wineries of Long Island. By midway through, everybody is inebriated and miserable, muscling down glasses of wines that they despise. It was hilariously absurd and utterly terrible.The characters' intent was clearly intoxication over appreciation. However, watching from the Niagara peninsula, smack dab in the middle of vineyards, I could not get past the frustration Read more [...]

Jerusalem offers a travel experience both Trendy and  Religious

Among the world's most religious destinations, Jerusalem hasn't been famous for great times. If you wish to party like Armageddon is nigh, hike it to Tel Avivnbsp;rather.While the comparison between Israel's sacred and profane cities will not probably ever change, a small amount of Tel Aviv is creeping into Jerusalem's ancient hills, small pockets and fillips of cool that hedonist and pilgrim alike wouldn't have imagined two decadesnbsp;ago.Sprouting round the tour-bused mega-properties are boutique Read more [...]